Council Committees

Membership (Chair: Barbara Kaumeyer)

Membership Committee facilitates Council growth by developing and implementing programs designed to retain existing members and attract new members.

Program and Professional Development (Chair: Dave Lakly)

Program and Professional Development Committee develops and implements educational training based on membership needs.

Scholarship (Chair: Teresa Loggins)

Scholarship Committee receives and reviews applications for scholarship awards and provides nominations to the Executive Board for final approval. Scholarships are for students who are pursuing a course of study in a field related to governmental fiscal management including public administration, finance, or accounting.

Newsletter (Chair: Carla Morris)

Newsletter Committee produces and distributes a newsletter at least quarterly containing the latest Council news as well as informative articles on fiscal management related topics.

Website (Chair: Kenley Finlayson)

Web Page Committee produces and maintains an Internet web page for Council members and other interested parties.

Liaison (Chair: Peter Adams)

Liaison Committee meets at least twice annually with representatives from the Department of Audits, the General Assembly Budget Offices, and the Office of Planning and Budget to discuss important developments of interest to the Council. This committee shall consist of three members; one being the President of the Council.